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    | Babylonstoren, You’ll Want To Remember That Name.

    Have you ever been intrigued by the thought of a lifestyle out-of-town, living on a farm, and getting back to the “rawness” of life, and food and your surroundings…and being reminded of this every moment your eyes are open? .

    2.Babylonstoren great garden from drone copy






    Staying at Babylonstoren, my farm-girl curiosities were bound to surface! I had always wanted to explore a “simpler”, away from city madness, day to day life. Arriving at the historic Cape Dutch farm I was surprised by how naturally you just fit in with the mood and feel of this magnificent place. Babylonstoren is known for its incredible garden, which is divided into 15 sections made up of fruits plants, vegetables, a bees area, lavender hedges, prickly pear maze, indigenous plants, chickens and much more. There are paths that take you through the different areas, framed by flowers and some by olive trees. You’ll find influences coming from the garden and farms diversity in the food, the Farm Hotel & Spa, the bakery and the shop.


    6.Working ducks cross the bridge to the vineyards, where they will zap snails all day10. HAMMAM COPPER BASINIMG_195416.THE MOST FAVOURFUL OF THEM ALL, CAPE BROWN FIGS14.Babylonstoren Tasting Room


























    I arrived a little earlier to enjoy lunch at the Greenhouse restaurant before checking-in and heading to the spa. Surrounded by huge oak trees, the Greenhouse has this certain sense of relaxation and simplicity about it… Presentation is a biggie at Babylonstoren and the picnic-style way the food is served gives that feel of keeping it all fuss-free.


    Whether you choose to sip on fresh juices, tea and coffee, or the homemade ginger-beer or lemonade, you will find the perfect bite to compliment. There are a selection of artisanal breads, cold-meats and cheeses, that are served with the most delicious herb dressing, fruit chutney and fresh, fresh, oh did I say fresh – yes, the freshest garden salad.

    I went for the yummy red and yellow juice and season salad with added trout. As if all that goodness isn’t enough, you can also indulge in home-baked cakes and life-changing scones!



    After satisfying my taste buds at the Greenhouse I was to be led to a charming farm cottage by the welcoming and warm-hearted staff. As we were walking up towards the Cape Dutch houses that have been transformed into farm-style accommodation, I noticed little crates of fresh fruit sitting next to the doors – “How charmingly sweet,” I remember thinking.


    Stepping inside the one-bedroom cottage, I wasn’t under the impression it would actually be as big as it was. Spacious and luxurious, the cottage has an open plan layout with a glorious bathroom, beautiful fireplace lounge and contemporary kitchen with glass walls and a door leading out to your very own little back garden. I was totally in-love at first sight!





    To my surprise there was a beautifully packaged gift waiting for me on the table. It included the visually creative Babel cookbook, a floral mixed sea salt jar, farm-made soap, the yummiest biscotti, and two bottles of Babylonstoren wine. They had before arrival, gone as far as to ask what preferences from the farm the bar fridge should be stocked with.


    Yes, I was home, and it felt wonderful. Now all I wanted to do was slip into that gorgeous bath and lose myself in a thought or two. But first, a date with the spa.



    The Garden Spa, as with the Greenhouse, looks and feels like an extension of the Babylonstoren garden and greenery. It’s set within walls of bamboo, tranquil and quiet, and really does feel like you’ve stepped into a forest. There’s a private beach space, an outdoor pool, steam room, sauna, heated jet pool, a cold plunge pool and hammam and gym.




    The hammam water ritual would be my flavour of treat. The hour treatment takes place in the marble hammam room. A traditional scrubbing with olive soap (made on the farm), followed by an invigorating splash wash and a satisfying massage – all whilst the marble room is steamed up, intensifying the treatment.

    I left rejuvenated and completely relaxed, how could I possibly be more satisfied? Well, wait until you hear about dinner.




    I had heard so many good things about the Babel restaurant before visiting Babylonstoren, I was excited to be enjoying dinner in this pleasure tasting environment. As with the Greenhouse, Babel positions itself in the “honest food” thinking. It would seem they simply pick the ingredients for your meal off the farm, clean it, create an incredible combination and serve it – little fuss but unreal dinning offerings. It’s a proper farm-to-fork philosophy, serving meals that include what’s available in the garden, reflecting the season.



    First up was a delicious combination of stirrings (a.k.a starters), a plate of tempura autumn vegetables, fresh garden fruit, and pumpkin fritters served in a spicy roasted peanut and quince paste.

    The progression, otherwise known as mains, were out of this world! A char-grilled beef fillet on the bone, served with olive and balsamic vinaigrette, and the lamb cutlets with kale, roasted quince and walnut pesto reigned supreme! Served with an enormous side of baked potato, pumpkin and greens, there was no way to leave this dinner walking. Nope, rolling would be in order!


    As if that wasn’t enough, finishing the meal off with sweet satisfaction, a warm dark chocolate fondant was served with persimmon ice-cream. Ah yes, the night was complete and I slept like a dream.


    Breakfast in the morning was just as impressive as dinner the night before. Promoting energy and balance, breakfast included everything your body could possibly need, so fresh and so terribly good!








    Nestled in the winelands with Simonsberg, Du Toitskloof and Franschhoek mountains as a backdrop, it’s no wonder I forgot a dress behind on checking-out. Not that any reason is necessary to want to return, but I definitely had mine and I was back the following weekend – for yet another delectable taste of Babylonstoren.












    Besos, Tasmin

    R45, Klapmuts – Simondium Road, 7670, South Africa

    Phone: +27 21 863 3852


    www.babylonstoren.com |

    {images: ©  Cheeky  &  Babylonstoren}

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