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    | Fight That Good Fight, Goodbye Cellulite!

    Cellulite is like a stage-five-clinger, it latches on and just stays there! I think it’s safe for me to say 80% or more, of the women I know battle with the reality of this “orange-peel effect”. Even if it’s not as bad we make out, cellulite is an absolute nightmare for most of us!

    When I heard of the Celluvac brand, I won’t lie, I got quite excited. Were the claims true? Could this simple solution be the answer to fighting the curse that be? Would we really be able to kiss our cellulite goodbye?


    Celluvac is based on the ancient Chinese cupping technique that has become a worldwide trend. It stimulates the lymphatic system and in doing so extracts toxins from the body. Cupping is a reverse massage action, and with a gentle suction, lifts skin tissue and extracts toxins making them mobile and easy to eliminate.

    Drinking lots of water and eating a balanced and healthy diet, helps a great deal with the process of-course.

    After 2 weeks of using the Celluvac cups, for about 10 minutes a day, I started seeing quite a difference in the appearance of cellulite on my problem area, a.k.a booty and thighs. I’d apply a natural body oil, coconut oil is great too, and then massage the area for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. At first getting into the habit was a bit of a challenge, but after a few days it just became a part of my daily routine.

    I would feel a slight pinching sensation on certain spots, but as the days passed so did that sensation – as if my body had gotten rid of those specific toxic build-ups.


    This is how it works, watch the instructional video to see the 3 main techniques used for treating cellulite with Celluvac:  http://www.celluvac.co.za/pages/videos

    Summer is here and all we want is to sport that sexy LBD or sassy summer shorts. Now there’s no reason to feel like you can’t – Celluvac works and is super easy to use! Not only will you benefit with cellulite reduction but it’s amazing for pain relief, poor circulation, stress reduction and detoxification.

    We’ve finally found a simple, effective at-home treatment that does the job. Go on, give it a go ladies!



    Get your hands on a Celluvac set by ordering online at:

    www.celluvac.co.za or email info@celluvac.co.za .

    Your order is shipped free to your door anywhere in South Africa and Namibia. |

    {images: © Celluvac}

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