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    When I sat and thought of all the things this first post could be about, some exciting ideas came to mind, and a few random ones too! But then “Cape Town” popped-up and everything else seemed rather irrelevant. One thing you’ll pick up through this journey of blogger moments, is my love for this incredible city I call home.
    Cape Town, South Africa, seeps into your soul and just consumes you. The beauty, the energy, that cold cold ocean…. Ok, maybe I should leave the cold ocean part out 😉
    I’ve lived in Johannesburg most of my life, and a few years growing up in South America. Days pass by and you breathe, everyday you breathe, but in Cape Town I began to live, and it’s an entirely different way of being. Or at least that has been my experience the past 4 years. An experience that has opened my eyes and my heart to passions and inspirations I am eager to share with you.
    Every blogger needs their blogger match, fortunately for me mine comes in the form of my younger sister, Avonnette. Join us, as together we explore fashion and food, fitness, lifestyle, beauty, travel and entertainment.
    Allow c#INSPO to not be an escape but more so a voice to your interests and curiosity.

    xx |

    {Pictured: At The Top Of Lion’s Head, Cape Town}

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