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    | The Portuguese brand that specialises in “morpho” jeans caters to every shape and style. Salsa actually enhances the female silhouette. With the perfect fit for everyday adventures, added benefits and a trendy mood, the Salsa brand is a revolutionary product.

    PUSH-UP is Salsa’s first milestone in the innovation process to create a fuller look from behind. These push-up jeans are number one on the market with the ultimate push-up effect powered by the design. Back pockets combined with a wide variety of washes and leg types (boot cut, straight and slim) create sensuality and comfort while maintaining the low-rise while boosting your bottom.

    salsa push up

    Push your tummy in with Salsa’s best kept secret, PUSH-IN. These jeans are extremely comfortable and flattering with a high-waist and a tummy-tuck effect that’s subtle yet effective. A fashionable look is guaranteed with the back pockets design and a light push-up effect in the back.

    salsa push in

    Salsa has a perfect pair of jeans for everyone, it doesn’t matter the body shape, size or personal preferences. With Salsa, you choose which effect you’re going to rock! |

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