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    | Experience The Twelve Apostles

    It’s no surprise when you step into the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa you actually “feel” yourself stepping into a 5-star establishment. From the incredible location, to the warm welcome at the door and lavish artistic décor all around, the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa promised to be quite the treat!

    Checking-in, we were made familiar with everything the hotel has to offer. There are two pools, an award-winning spa, the Azure Restaurant, The Café Grill which is open 24/7 , as well as the ever-popular Leopard Bar. There are gorgeous event and wedding facilities and my absolute favourite – a private cinema!
    This world-renowned hotel is nestled in-between one of the 7 Wonders Of Nature, Table Mountain, and an endless view of ocean. The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa is undoubtedly one of Cape Town’s most sought after hotel venues.

    Walking through to our room, you pick up this sense of home. Everything about this leading boutique hotel is warm and welcoming. If feels as if you had simply gone home to family for the weekend and not landed up in a hotel.


    Our room was sea-facing, with a spacious lounge and access to the oceanside terrace with mesmerizing views. Waiting for us in the room, as yet another welcome, was a bottle of wine and a fresh fruit platter along with a little something from the Twelve Apostles B|Africa range of products. The room had a fresh ocean theme, both in the crisp turquoise colour and design, including seashell photographs on the wall.
    Once we were settled it was time to explore the backyard, a.k.a The Twelve Apostles mountain range.

    A great activity idea when staying at the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa is having a range of mountain walks/trails to explore. You step outside, take a few turns, a couple steps up and suddenly the whole of the scenic route is right in-front of you, with no obstructions, and you’re surrounded by beauty and nature. So basically, you stepped out of home, into your backyard of mountain and sea wonder 😉 .
    We walked up to Stanley’s Rock and on the way passed a stunning arch of flowers – what a picturesque place to celebrate the union of marriage. Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa is the ultimate dream location for many a bride and groom on that special day. We stopped there for a photo or two of-course, and I thought to myself – the day before two people had stood right in that spot and dedicated their lives to one another. With a setting like this, how could it not be the perfect start to a lifetime. <3

    After I had my little sentimental moment we carried on up to Stanley’s Rock, where we found what had to be the best picnic site I had ever come across! In the middle of our nature–filled experience we sat down to a selection of the Chef’s delicious canapés and a bottle of bubbly. If this was not the most romantic place to share a sunset, then I couldn’t even begin to imagine what could be. Wow, just WOW….


    The sun had set over Cape Town and we witnessed all of its majesty. Sitting mountainside canapés and bubbly in-hand, how would this evening get any better? Apparently it could, and it would!
    We made our way down from Stanley’s Rock and back to our room, to freshen up for dinner.

    Known as one of the finest dining spots in Cape Town, the Azure Restaurant is headed by Executive Chef, Christo Pretorius. There’s a selection of three tasting menus or an a la carte option. We opted for the West Coast Oysters and Baby Calamari Risotto to start our meal experience. But before our starters we were served with delicious home-baked breads and even yummier speciality butters from the geniuses in the kitchen. The breads and starters were then followed by a delicious Fish Of The Day dish and tantalizing Cape Malay Curry. You could taste that the dishes are made up of the freshest ingredients, each one possessed an exciting taste infusion different to anything we had expected.
    For the perfect close, Crème Brûlée would be the catalyst to ending a fantastic dinner. It was served in a long dessert dish and not the typical round one we’ve come to see at restaurants, so not only was the helping a pretty decent one, it was as smooth as smooth can be. Mmmmm delish!

    Waking up the next day, eyes opened to an endless view of blue, blue skies and blue waters [sigh] .
    At breakfast we found everything we could possibly want and need, for a good start to the day. Nutrition is such an important part of getting your day going. Putting the right fuel into our bodies was definitely a tasty pleasure. From oysters to nuts and fresh fruits, scones and waffles to cereals and bacon and eggs. It was a 5-star breakfast feast at our finger tips.

    Rolling back to our room and fueled-up, I spotted the yoga mat and decided to take in a little ocean air on the terrace and stretch into the morning.

    We had a treatment(read about it here) booked at the Twelve Apostles Spa and spent the next part of our day soothed and relaxed. Followed by a cup of green tea at the Leopard Bar a few hours later, taking in that magnificent view one last time we sat a while, then made our way down and said goodbye to the beautifully hospitable Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa .
    Driving away, I knew I’d be back for that cocktail sunset very very soon, how could I not? 😉

    Victoria Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town

    Contact: +27 021 437 9000
    Email: reservations@12apostles.co.za

    www.12apostleshotel.com |

    {images: © The Twelve Apostles & Cheeky SA}

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