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    followmeto shot

    | The #FollowMeTo couple have become a worldwide symbol for this journey we call love. Murad and Natalia Osmann travelled to Las Vegas and The Maldives for a post-nuptial getaway and the images are a sensation!

    The talented couple became famous through the #FollowMeTo posts on social media. Murad, a Russian photographer, takes the most gorgeous photos of his leading-lady guiding him by the hand through breathtaking scenery all over the world.​

    The couple tied-the-knot at a beautiful ceremony in Moscow in early June. 2.9 million followers watched as they posted incredible photos of their wedding and honeymoon. With a first stop in Las Vegas, capturing a post-nuptial shot at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, the couple then made their way to the mesmerising Maldives.

    Posing in their signature hand-holding moments, Murad and Natalia shared the tropical location with millions. Murad described the beauty of their destination in the best way, stating on one of the post captions, “[The Maldives] is an amazing place and you literally think that you have photoshop in your eyes because everything is so beautiful.” Well, we couldn’t agree more! |

    |      check out: @muradosmann / @yourleo / @followmetraveller

    {images: © Murad Osmann}

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