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    | SWITCH – IT – UP !

    So you think you’re fit? Or like Avonnette and myself, you’d like to get fit. Which ever of the two, Switch will have you aching and still wanting more!

    Avonnette and I are on a quest to summer, and our Journey To Fitness has began. As with anything and everything in life, of course we want results. Of course we want to get fitter, leaner, meaner, strong is the new sexy, you get the feeling. The realistic part is knowing that you have to work to reap the rewards, and that, we are willing to do with a lot of help from the Switch crew.

    Powered by Steve Uria, Switch is the “Playground For The Body And Soul”. From the moment you step inside you feel your fitness cravings surface, all you want is to own the next 60min of this body and mind challenge. It definitely helps that the fitness experts are constantly nudging you on and motivating you to push your personal best. To be honest, and I speak for myself here not Avonnette, but if I actually knew what to do and was exercising by myself I doubt I’d push it as hard as they have me going. I’ve realised through my first few sessions that these rockstars are experts for a reason, yes they are, they know how to design training that will leave you with just enough “oomph” after each 2min set, to keep you fighting through the one after that, and the one after that, and after that.

    Switch (<-click here), combines carefully selected aspects of cardiovascular training, functional training, boxing, plyometric training, core stability and power-flow yoga to create a perfectly balanced exercise offering. With the best in fitness equipment and setting the perfect workout environment, you find yourself in a space you want to be in. The cherry on-top for me is the absolute killer playlist fueling your power hour. I’m not going to pretend otherwise, the physical effort is grueling but I can promise you this, the pleasure you feel when stepping out of your Switch session is pure bliss. Well, and knowing that a hot shower will do you just fine 😉 .

    We’re so inspired taking this journey and Switching-It-Up, we can’t wait to share exercise tips and movements with you. So keep your eyes right here on c#INSPO, it’s coming!


    Tasmin & Avonnette
    xx |

    {Pictured: At Switch after our first session, Cape Town. Images: ©Switch}

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