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    | I Want, I Want, I Want !

    I bet you do this too….find yourself staring at a beautiful photo of some ridiculously flexible human-being, doing what you’d perceive to be practically impossible! Yes my friends, I know you also stare at yoga pictures, just like I do.   😛

    I’ve always had yoga on the top of my “Need To Try” list, and for some reason I have only gone to two or three classes here and there over the years. So experiencing yoga these past 3 weeks with Avonnette has been entirely different in this regard, and we couldn’t be happier! YogaLife (<-click here), has become a part of our weekly schedule.

    The YogaLife studio in De Waterkant, Cape Town, is home to yoga enthusiasts of every level, from beginner yoga to bikram, vinyasa to power yoga. Classes run from the morning every day of the week through to the evening, ensuring you’ll find a suitable time that slots right into your schedule. Meeting a variety of needs YogaLife’s classes incorporate calm, balance and strength at its core. You won’t ever feel out of place or as if you can’t keep up with those that are more advanced. The instructors make a point of being supportive in their teaching and they assist individuals on delivery, technique and posture, and remind you to listen to your own body and work at your personal pace. Each body is different and you’re reminded to be patient with yourself – the progress will follow.

    I personally underestimated what a large role your breathing plays in the flow of your body movements, and basically getting through a class feeling at ease and not straining yourself or huffing and puffing. Connecting with your breath and remembering to take those deep in’s and out’s, releasing your shoulders, leads you to trusting the flow of your body and its execution of the exercises. It doesn’t have to be 100% your expectations met, but rather 100% naturally aligned with your body form and the purpose of the movement.

    My body is a long way from the idea of that perfectly flexible yogi frame I obsess over, but I can already feel the change after just 3 weeks of classes. Avonnette feels exactly the same, it’s the little ways in which you notice, like going to your last class and there is a movement you were stuggling with in the beginning and now it just happens – I saw this with Avonnette, our last session was effortless for her. I know it will take dedication and time to get where we’d love to see ourselves in the practice of yoga, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and what better way to get there than feeling relaxed and strong all at the same time.

    Yoga is for everyone. There is none of this; “I’m not fit enough”, or “I’m not coordinated”, or “It doesn’t get my blood pumping”, no! Yoga is for everyone and yes, it gets you sweating and you will feel the challenge, but all of that is completely up to you and your desire for a stronger, more balanced, and more driven YOU.


    Tasmin & Avonnette
    xx |

    {Pictured: In Lorna Jane gear. Yoga Images: ©YogalLife}

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