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    | Latest revolution products from Lamelle set a new standard in anti-ageing skincare technology!

    Harnessing the power of an exclusive DNA damage-correcting enzyme, that accelerates the REPAIR and PREVENTION of damage inflicted to the skin, Lamelle Research Laboratories has set a new standard in the form of their NOURISH skincare range. Never before has a product been available with the unique ability to enter damaged skin cells and directly REPAIR DNA injury, re-establish normal cell function and PREVENT further damage. In essence, a true revolution in anti-ageing has begun!

    The revolutionary Nourish range has been created to address every aspect of skin ageing which is noted from as early as 18 years. Essential multi-vitamin blends, extremely powerful anti-oxidants, advanced hydration complexes, anti-inflammatory herb blends, luxurious skin emollients and DNA repair enzymes make the new Nourish skincare program from Lamelle unrivalled in what it offers your skin.


    Join the “Know Your Ish” conversation on twitter and facebook and you could win an awesome hamper. (Nour-ish, know your “ish”, do you get it?)



    What is my “ish”?

    Interpret it as you like. Your “ish” is linked to your DNA; it’s what makes you who and what you are.

    • That one discerning feature on your body/face that makes you, you
    • Your personality or mannerisms
    • Your skills or qualities that set you apart
    • Your city/town could even have an “ish”

    Everyone and everything has an “ish”, so what’s yours?

     @Lamelle on Twitter   #Knowyourish Twitter Conversation

    Stand-in-line to Win with Cheeky & Lamelle!
    Simply go to our facebook page, and keep your eyes open for our #knowyourish posts!
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    {images: Lamelle Research Laboratories}

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