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    | Rocabella Santorini Hotel & Spa


    Before my arrival in Greece I knew there was one mode of transportation I needed to make sure I would experience. Being South African I only use the metro system and buses when in Europe, so taking a ferry seemed like a must-do on a Greek visit!

    We decided to catch one from Mykonos to the glorious Santorini island. My word, but the island really is beautiful!

    The ferry was about 2hours 30minutes long, which gave me a moment to just relax and sit back. Arriving in Santorini, Rocabella would be our first stop!



    Walking into the reception area at the Rocabella Santorini Hotel & Spa, I remember thinking to myself, “I absolutely love the feel of this place”. The reception is an open space with a large wooden table in the center which is used as the reception desk. There’s also a trendy boutique store with clothes, shoes and accessories right next door.

    We checked-in and were shown around the hotel and to our suite. Leaving reception, I spotted a line of mountain bikes for guests – we have to take those out for a spin I thought!

    The hotel is spaciously designed around its location, that being on the mountain side of Imerovigli, with magnificent caldera views. When I say magnificent, I can’t stress that enough. It’s like stepping into a hazy dream, where everything looks pretty perfect and you can’t touch it. Except, we could touch it, we were standing right in it!



    There was no doubt that the hotel was built to compliment the landscape first and foremost, and it is large. I mean, this 11,000 square meters property wasn’t a couple of beautiful rooms it was a big enough space to accommodate the most glamorous of weddings and an entire travelling wedding party, plus more.

    We were given a homely loft suite, situated right on the path by the mountain edge. Unbelievable caldera views was what we’d step out to, and be able to see from bed and the downstairs veranda, or upstairs balcony. It didn’t feel like a hotel suite, it looked and felt like an apartment. Spacious and simplistically decorated with style that matched the location, I felt completely at home the moment we opened that door. I won’t lie, the “welcome” chocolate mousse waiting for us helped a tad. 😉


    We had a browse around, a little swim, delicious dinner, but honestly falling asleep in complete comfort that evening was the most inviting part of my day.


    Day two started late…. A nice lay in and lazy start to the morning could only be interrupted by a grumbling tummy. We made our way up to breakfast in the restaurant. The breakfast buffet would have us forever if we weren’t careful. That, and surely rolling down the path too. There were so many different yummy looking pastries – I’m a sucker for those, and a variety of nuts and breads, cereals, fruit, cold meats, everything really. There’s also a breakfast menu, so you can order eggs the way you like them and any of the other breakfast “wants”. Sweet or savoury, you would find just the right taste.


    Rocabella Santorini overlooks the volcano and caldera, with a glimpse of all the islands in the distance. The view just isn’t something you can get used to. We decided to spend the day exploring and get active at the same time. Yes, those mountain bikes were calling! We grabbed the bikes at reception, walked them over to the mountain side path, on the ocean side of the hotel and off we went. It was so much fun, and seeing the island on a bike gives you a different perspective. May I add there were certain spots that were pretty impossible for me to bike so I saw a fare share of it on foot 🙂 Every spot we stopped had a view that was bettered by the next spot. It didn’t matter what part you were staying in, Imerovigli is beautiful beyond from every angle.


    All biked out, an early dinner was the plan. We chose to sit up by the pool terrace – it’s the highest point to watch the sun go down whilst dining. The sunset was on its way, and once the warm bread rolls arrived just after we sat down, nothing could make this picturesque moment more perfect because the bread rolls had done it! 😉 What I found so pleasing about Greece was how fresh the food was, it was all flavourful and always so so fresh. With such interesting food fusion, I loved the tastes Rocabella Santorini had put together. We had a delicious dinner with the warmest hospitality, enjoyed the sunset, laughed, and locked away that moment to never forget it.

    The bread rolls were seriously good though so we had to ask for more, but actually forgot that we had, and left to our suite. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and voila, we had warm bread rolls!


    Day three the reality was setting in and we were moving from our beautiful home on the mountain path. Breakfast was met with once again, a view to mesmerize as we sat out on the breakfast terrace. There was time for a last swim in one of the four swimming pools, and a last coffee on our private balcony. We had hoped to stop by the gym and spa, but alas, time had run away with us….and rightfully so!




    Tasmin xx



    Imerovigli, Santorini, Cyclades, Greece, 84700



    Contact: +30 22860 23711


    Email: info@rocabella.gr



    www.rocabella-hotel-santorini.com |


    {images: © Rocabella Santorini & Cheeky SA}


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