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    | Sleep Is Underrated, And My Skin Needs it!

    I can’t begin to express, how badly I need a good night’s rest! I’m one of those people that struggles to function if I haven’t gotten enough shut-eye the night before. Some can go on night after night, after night and still feel fresh all week long, but sadly I missed the queue the day that little talent was handed out.¬† ūüėõ

    Sleep is a big part of my beauty regime, it always has been. I learnt in my teen years that our skin repairs itself most effectively at night whilst we are asleep. Skin rejuvenation happens at almost double the pace when we’re in sleep mode, boosting collagen production and rectifying cell damage. So the product we apply before slipping into bed should contain active ingredients to do the best job possible. Active ingredients are less effective when exposed to sunlight and while we sleep our skin does not have to compete with other products like sunscreen and make-up to fend off UV rays, and harmful elements in our environment. Taking this beauty journey with Legs11¬†(<-click here), has really made me realize how many aspects I actually overlook, which contribute to healthy skin, and a more rejuvenated you and me.

    Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my¬†Legs11¬†and Lamelle¬†(<- click here)¬†skin journey. These two leading brands have made great skincare something you and I can live daily.

    Starting out with my skin concerns, my therapist at Legs11 recommended which of the Lamelle range would be best suited to my current skin condition. What I love about the ranges is they have a suitable product for every skin type. You can select across the ranges to give you the best product combination and results, having specific skin needs met. For example, I use the Clarity Cleanser and Active Control from the Clarity range which is for problem-prone-skin, but then I also use a revitalising eye-cream from the Nourish range which is focused on DNA-repair and anti-aging.

    I haven’t quite decided yet which of the¬†Lamelle¬†products is my favourite, but I’m excited to get more and more acquainted with this fabulous brand. My next peel session is coming up and I’ll have some good insider info to dish out – watch this space for the low-down on the world-popular, must-try peeling movement!

    lamelle4 lamelle2 lamelle5
    lamelle3 lamelle7 lamelle1

    www.legs11.co.za     www.lamelle.co.za

    xx |

    {Pictured: At The Westin Hotel, Cape Town. Product Images: ©Lamelle}

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